Musing on sensuality with Bonita Kye

Musing on sensuality with Bonita Kye

Bonita is the founder of Kye Intimates, an intimates label based in Los Angeles which was built from a place of respect for the female form and sustainable production. We admire the label for its minimal, modern approach to sensuality.

Musing on Sensuality is an Underlena series where we sit down with people who inspire sensuality, and talk about how they cultivate it in their life and work. 
bonita kye


What does sensuality mean to you? What does it feel like? 
Indulging in Mother Nature's gifts. Feels like an early morning dip in the sea.

Do you have any practices that help you cultivate sensuality on a daily basis? 
Spending time in nature, even if just a few minutes.

How does this influence how you design your collections? 
Each detail is intentional, never overstated/decorative, and embraces all the natural curves.

How do you want people to feel when they wear your pieces? 
Comforted, their most beautiful self

Does sensuality inform your business' approach to sustainable production? 
As these are the pieces closest to our bodies, we are constantly working to improve our sustainability practices from the use of deadstock fabric to producing in a solar powered facility. 

What is your favourite style from the Kye collection? 
Dive Bra / Daily Triangle Bra (coming soon to Underlena)

Shop the Dive Bra here, and sign up to our updates to hear when the Daily Triangle Bra lands.

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