Sensuality + connection with Mel Vranjes

Sensuality + connection with Mel Vranjes

Mel Vranjes is a friend of Underlena, internationally certified holistic sexuality coach,   passionate about teaching and educating women to feel liberated in their bodies and in the bedroom. Maxine sits down with her to understand what sensuality means for her. 
Musing on Sensuality is an Underlena series where we sit down with people who inspire sensuality, and talk about how they cultivate it in their life and work. 
Melissa Vranjes
Who are you and how do you spend your time? 
I am an internationally certified sex and cycle coach and the founder of The Fem Store – an intimate online store inspiring women to make pleasure a priority. I spend a lot of my time creating, whether that's for work - new courses and content - or in my personal life on projects like our 1960's caravan.

What does sensuality mean to you? What does it feel like?
Sensuality is about slowing down and tuning in to the sensations of my body. It's about connecting to my femininity and igniting this delicious, elegant spirit within me. It feels like so many different things depending on my energy and mode but how I describe it is like this sweet, melty, sensitive energy pouring through my body and waking me up to the subtle sensations within me and around me.

Do you have any practices that help you cultivate sensuality on a daily basis?
LOTS! Sensuality is life haha! I practice breast massage every morning which taps me into my sensuality and connects me to my heart which I swear by. Other daily practices are dancing, self-touch like hugging myself or slowly running my hands over my body if I've gotten in my head too much.

How does this influence how you work?
As a coach I need to be in my body, I need to be present and I need to be connected to my intuition. All of these practices bring me into my body so I can guide from that place rather than my head. I believe the body is a keeper of all wisdom and these practices help me work from an embodied place.

How does wearing beautiful lingerie make you feel?
POWER! It's the secret weapon to feeling empowered and untouchable. I tell clients that if they have a board meeting or something really important where they need an extra boost of encouragement, to put on their favourite lingerie set. It's also a practice of self-love and that always feels really good putting a delicious set on for yourself.

Lastly...what is your favourite style from our collection?
The one that's sitting in my top drawer hehe - the Kye Intimates Black Dive Bra and Mies Briefs.
Thank you Mel! x
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