Thoughtful design makes for long wearing lingerie, and thoughtful care does too. 

We recommend rotating bras to allow the elastic to rest and return to shape between wears (although we know it’s hard with your favourites!); hand washing and air drying. 

Use a gentle detergent such as the Sphaera Laundry Bar for all of our styles, and hand wash like colours together in the basin with cool water. To dry, fold and gently press the garment in a towel before laying out to dry out of direct sun (don't wring, and don't put in the dryer).

If you do decide to wash in the washing machine, put your pieces in a delicates bag and use the delicate/hand wash setting at 30°C. 

Hand washing needn't be a chore - we like to do it in the basin after putting on a face mask, or sometimes in the shower (the cooler the better!) for some 2-in-1 action.