Elements of a good fit

How do you know if the bra is fitting correctly? 

First off, it should be comfortable for you. It's not digging in, you're not shuffling things around too much, you're not trying to pull the cup up.

About the band - a snug fit is to be expected from the bra on its first wear, we recommend you start on the loosest hook so that you have room to adjust the bra as the fabric adjusts to your form.

The band is the most important part of the bra as it provides the majority of the support. If it is riding up your back, the band is too big - email us for an exchange before you cut out the tags and wear it out of the house.

About the cup - if the top seam of the cup is creating an indent that you can see through a t-shirt, you may need a larger cup size. Make sure your whole breast is sitting within the wires - no seeping.