Impact Dora Larsen

Designed in UK, made in China and Tunisia 

"We’re a small, family run business. As big believers in Karma, producing responsibly is our priority. The vast majority of the materials used within our products are bespoke, which means we’re able to develop fabrics that meet our exact requirements for sustainability, quality and functionality. As members of 1% for the Planet, we also give at least 1% of our annual turnover to environmental charities.

We have clear visibility of all our Tier 1 manufacturers (manufacturers of our end product) and perform a thorough assessment of their ethical and environmental standards before working with them. We also have 100% supply chain visibility with our Tier 2 suppliers (fabric mills), all of whom are, at the very least, OEKO-TEX certified. At the moment, we have transparency on 60% of our Tier 3 suppliers (dye houses and yarn spinners)."

Dora Larsen impact points:

  • Factories all follow the Ethical Trading Initiative (read more here)
  • Laces made with 83% recycled content
  • bespoke embroidery, tulle, threads and all of our elastics are also produced using recycled materials
  • All material and component suppliers, as well as dyehouses, meet REACH standards
  • All materials are also OEKO-TEX certified
  • Third-party material certifications (GRSGOTSOCSFSC) are used to make sure recycled and organic materials are also verified
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