Size Guide // Videris

Videris bras are underwire-free and flexible in fit, making it easier for you to find your perfect size by taking two measurements. Refer to our Size Guide to learn how to take your own measurements. 

UK/NZ 8 10 12 14 16
USA 0-2 4-6 8 10 12
UNDERBAND 70-75cm 75-80cm 80-85cm 85-90cm 90-95cm
28-29" 30-31" 32-33" 34-35" 36-37"
BUST 82-87cm 87-92cm 92-97cm 97-102cm 102-107cm
32-34" 34-36" 36-38" 38-40" 40-42"
BRA SIZE 10A, 10B 10C,10D,
12A, 12B
10E, 12C,
12D, 14A, 14B
12E, 14C,
14D, 16B
14E, 16C,
16D, 18C
32A, 32B 32C, 32D,
34A, 34B
32E, 34C,
34D, 36A, 36B
34E, 36C,
36D, 38B
36E, 38C,
38D, 18C