Sensuality + feminine energy with Madelene Kadziela of Bruxa

Sensuality + feminine energy with Madelene Kadziela of Bruxa

Musing on Sensuality is a series where we sit down with people who inspire sensuality, and talk about how they cultivate it in their life and work. We hope this series to be a source of inspiration for readers to help cultivate their own daily sensuality. Madelene Kadziela is the Founder of BRUXA, a beautiful intimate brand that we are so excited to stock here at Underlena. 

Madelene Kadziela of BRUXA
Madelena Kadziela, Founder + Creative Director of BRUXA

Hello! Could you tell us who you are, and how you spend your time? 
My name is Madelene Kadziela, I am the founder and Creative Director of BRUXA (a sensuality brand dedicated to crafting exquisite products to enhance your intimate moments).

I spend my time between Melbourne and the countryside...I think it's important to balance city life with the tranquillity of nature. As a morning ritual, when I'm in the country, you can find me outside, cradling a cup of coffee in hand, immersed within the pages of my ever-expanding collection of erotica novels. (Recently I've been reading the likes of author Nancy Friday.)

More often than not, you'll find me at my computer, outside amongst nature. Depending on which project I'm working on, I could be designing upcoming products, writing or liaising with our alchemists, ceramicists, photographers etc. I like to break up the day with a walk with my dog by the river or beach and ensure I book a session of pilates or yoga. Alongside BRUXA, I'm renovating a 1970's brick home so that has been a welcomed distraction. My Pinterest boards are bursting with inspiration.

Body of Jasmine
BRUXA Body Oil of Summer

What does sensuality mean to you? What does it feel like?
Sensuality to me cultivates a sense of embodiment, inner presence and essentially, pleasure. It's a deliberate practice of focusing inward and allowing yourself to completely explore your emotional state and the pleasures of the physical realm. This all-encompassing experience resonates at a deeply sensorial level, evoking the essence of feminine energy. I find myself in a state of flow, confidence and manifestation of erotic expression. It also can be a place of surrender, where we open ourselves to a state of receiving. 

This sensation feels like home to me. It's where I feel most comfortable and in tune with my sense of self and the people/environment around me. It is also a practice. There have been many times I've felt emotional blocks with stress or crazy deadlines approaching, perhaps not having enough sleep. I have to conscientiously prioritise my well-being, deliberately booking in moments of respite, slowing down and realigning myself.

Lubrication of Oil
BRUXA Lubrication of Oil

Do you intentionally cultivate sensuality on a daily basis? How so?
Absolutely. It's through everyday rituals such as the act of walking barefoot on the earth, savouring the tactility of food as I prepare a meal, or serendipitously detecting a scent that unlocks a vivid memory. It's letting music have a profound impact on your soul, or kissing your lover imparting a multitude of emotions in a single tender kiss. It's slowing down...however, with so many projects on at the moment, I've found the 'slowing down part' challenging. Still, I find pockets of time - It's important. 

Has your approach to sensuality changed over time? 
Definitely. For years I was existing in this world either numb, busy with work life and no emotional play or with intense emotions of deep sadness (usually after a break up...I created great art though, haha!)  It has taken me a while to look within and sit in a state of presence and surrender. To be quite honest, Covid gave me the space to reset. I spent the majority of lockdown in the country with my family. This allowed me to reflect inward, and ground myself, which led to the creation of BRUXA. 

Body oil of Winter
Body Oil of Winter

Sensuality is such an integral element to Bruxa, how does it inspire what you choose to make?
Sensuality permeates BRUXA! It serves as a key component in our creative ethos. I am always considering the sensual realm, exploring ways in which our products may amplify moments of intimacy. A multifaceted approach is employed, wherein the human experience of our products from their tactility to aromas, to visual narrative cultivates a sensorial symphony. The collection draws inspiration from the world at large, including art, music, literature and the erotic. 

Film, however, has been an immense source of inspiration. From Luis Buñuel's 1967 'Belle De Jour' to Gaspar Noé's 2015 'LOVE' - I have always been enamoured by the fusion of sensuality and cinematography. There's a tactility, an intimacy which I believe has influenced our brand aesthetic. We almost always shoot in film.

Finally, I remain curious, open to input from customers and friends - understanding their desires plays a pivotal role in what product we focus on next. At the end of it all, BRUXA's purpose manifests as a pledge, to enhance your own sensuality.

How do you want people to feel when they use your products?
A heightened sense of sensuality, allure, self-care and pleasure. 

Thank you Madelene. Discover the BRUXA collection here.  
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