The brands you'll find at UNDERLENA are impact conscious, quality-over-quantity types. Here you'll find more in-depth about each company's sustainability practices. 

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    araks logo

    “At Araks, we aspire to create a sustainable foundation for beauty within every facet of our organization. Every decision matters, from where and how materials are sourced, to the economy of design, to the powerful partnerships we form with production vendors, and of course the way our customers connect with our garments and our story.

    We believe that by focusing on the four following key areas we we will be able to forward our goals, impact environmental and social change and make a difference in the world.

    • Culture of Mindfulness & Economy
    • Product Design
    • Partnerships
    • Social Sustainability

    100% of our collection is proudly cut and sewn in New York, reducing our environmental impact while also supporting local businesses.

    Since the launch of the Araks brand, in 2000, we have been dedicated to finding talented women and providing opportunities to partner and grow their businesses along with ours."

    Other impact points:

    • Zero water waste
    • Safe chemical management
    • REACH EU chemical compliant
    • OEKOTEX 100 Certification
    • GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) 
    • Use of Refibra
    • Female owned

    Read more about Araks’ values here, including their approach to sustainability, full tracing of materials, mill + factory partners, and vision for the future. 


    Designed and made in NYC.

    "Cuccia intimates offers options of handmade limited designs made by local seamstresses and by our factory in New York. The majority of our pieces are made from either dead-stock, recycled or Oeko-Tex certified bamboo fabric. Each item is crafted in small limited quantities to ensure there is no overproduction.
    Our packaging is 100% recycled and biodegradable." - Cuccia

    Read more about Cuccia here.

    Dora Larsen

    dora larsen logo

    Designed in UK, made in China, and Tunisia 

    "We’re a small, family run business. As big believers in Karma, producing responsibly is our priority. The vast majority of the materials used within our products are bespoke, which means we’re able to develop fabrics that meet our exact requirements for sustainability, quality and functionality. As members of 1% for the Planet, we also give at least 1% of our annual turnover to environmental charities.

    We have clear visibility of all our Tier 1 manufacturers (manufacturers of our end product) and perform a thorough assessment of their ethical and environmental standards before working with them. We also have 100% supply chain visibility with our Tier 2 suppliers (fabric mills), all of whom are, at the very least, OEKO-TEX certified. At the moment, we have transparency on 60% of our Tier 3 suppliers (dye houses and yarn spinners)."

    Dora Larsen impact points:

    • Factories all follow the Ethical Trading Initiative (read more here)
    • Laces made with 83% recycled content
    • bespoke embroidery, tulle, threads and all of our elastics are also produced using recycled materials
    • All material and component suppliers, as well as dyehouses, meet REACH standards
    • All materials are also OEKO-TEX certified
    • Third-party material certifications (GRSGOTSOCSFSC) are used to make sure recycled and organic materials are also verified
    Read more about the Dora Larsen apporach here

    Kye Intimates

    kye logo


    Made in Santa Monica, California, USA

    “Each piece is lovingly designed and handmade in Los Angeles in close partnership with a local, family-owned factory. Our fabric choices are either locally sourced luxurious deadstock materials or produced by environmentally responsible processes to minimise our impact on the environment. Our packaging is minimal—parcels are protected with 100% recycled tissue paper and we always opt out of polybags. We believe care for our planet is care for each other.”

    Kye Intimates impact points:

    • All mesh styles made from dead stock mesh sourced from warehouses in Los Angeles
    • Corn-derived renewable materials used elsewhere
    • Lead + nickel free hardware
    • Local to LA manufacturing
    • Female owned

    Read more about Kye Intimates' approach to sustainability here.

    The Great Eros

    the great eros logo

    Designed in NYC, made in Italy

    "To honor our commitment to craftsmanship and the pleasure of lived experience, we partner with carefully selected family-owned factories and studios in Italy and our New York to ensure our garments uphold our values of ethical and sustainable production. Whether you’ve made this purchase for a special occasion or to make everyday an occasion, we hope you find as much pleasure in wearing our garments as we have had in creating them." - Christina + Emilio, The Great Eros owners

    The Great Eros impact points:

    • Strong relationships with manufacturing partners in Italy + New York, with annual trips to partners in Italy 
    • Small production runs
    • High quality construction for longevity

    Read more about The Great Eros here


    videris logo green
    Made in Sri Lanka, designed in New Zealand

    “I’ve seen first-hand how much of the lingerie industry relies on cheap, plastic-based materials. I want Videris to be the antithesis of that. Videris is enlightened lingerie - both in how it’s made and how it makes you feel,"  - Videris Creative Director and Founder Chloé Julian. 

    Videris impact points:

    • Tencel™ Lyocell used for all styles (natural fibre using wood pulp)
    • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified for all components and the production process
    • Safely dyed 
    • Lead + nickel free hardware
    • Close relationship with Sri Lanka based manufacturer, Factory has WRAP (Worldwide responsible accredited process) and GWG (Garments without Guilt) certifications
    • Female owned
    Read more about Videris' approach here.