Sensuality, within the body and mind with Tina Ateljevic

"In this edition we go international - I met Tina at high school in Auckland (many) years ago just before she moved to Amsterdam , and while we haven't physically seen each other in (many!) years, I've always wanted to interview Tina for Musing on Sensuality - there has always been something in her essence that embodies sensuality to me, in a really grounded and fundamental way. So after a martini one night in Auckland, I messaged the now-Copenhagen based Tina to see if she would join us." - Maxine

Tina Ateljevic is a cosmopolitan woman with Serbo-Dalmatian roots. Having lived all over the world, she now resides in Copenhagen where she works as the Head of Membership and Communications at Soho House Copenhagen. She has a passion for building and gathering creative communities especially around wellness, music, dance, and fashion. Totally in love with the Adriatic Sea, Tina wants to be a mermaid when she grows up.





Tina! Welcome and thank you for joining our Musing on Sensuality series - it's been a long time coming. Tell us - what does sensuality mean to you, and what does it feel like?

For me sensuality means getting in touch with a deeper layer of pleasure in terms of feeling, touch and thoughts. It feels soft and silky in terms of texture, light, colour and sound. It’s fluid and smooth and wet and warm. It’s the sensation of having all the time in the world. It can be solitary or relational. For me it is about allowing my body and mind relax into the a free state of consciousness.


Has your approach to it changed over time? How so?

I have always loved to dance both in the studio and in the club. Moving to Berlin a few years ago deepened my relationship with dancing, especially practicing the ‘Gaga’ movement language. Cultivating sensuality in the body and mind is a big part of this modality.


Do you have any practices that you like to lean into to help cultivate sensuality? What did your fabulous mama teach you of this?

I love water and have spent most of my life living by the sea - including New Zealand where I grew up. These days, I balance my life between cool and calm Scandinavia for most of the year and the hot and passionate Mediterranean during the summer. In Copenhagen where I live, I love to go to my sauna and swim club by the sea, where I sweat it out and take ice dips. This is very sensual to me.

When I go to Dalmatia where I am from, I spend hours swimming in the silky Adriatic Sea and basking in the sun. I have cultivated enough sensual practices big and small to bring me this daily aliveness. From a yoga session in the morning, to a 3 hour sauna ritual or just a glass of wine with a good friend.

My mama used to take me travelling from when I was a small and she would always try local massage therapies. She taught me about the art of enjoying a good massage and also giving yourself a massage with oils and scrubs after a shower or sea dip.


How does your relationship with sensuality impact how you approach your life, work and relationships?

Sensuality is a key part of keeping your everyday life JUICY. Life is boring without the juice.

What is inspiring you at the moment?

I love discovering music. I have a soundtrack for almost every hour of my day.

For the last 4 years I have been studying and practicing the art of somatic psychotherapy, which never ceases to inspire me and pushes me to grow.

Since moving to Scandinavia earlier this year, I am incredibly inspired by this new culture I find myself in. The lifestyle, aesthetics, and approach to life here in Copenhagen really suits me.


What’s next for you?

This year has been very intense for me in terms of moving to another country (for the millionth time) and the high pace of my work. Next year I want to dedicate more time and energy to my creative pursuits including dancing and writing, and also deepening my relationships.

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